ALFONSO GUINO-O is a fashion designer/artist who preserves the heritage of the Philippines in his collections. Traditional pieces are used as an accent to contemporary concepts.

ALI KAROUI is a young designer based in Tunisia who created his own label KLF in 2012. Each of his pieces is an Haute Couture piece of artwork. His specialty is the ultimate dress that highlights a woman’s silhouette.

ANGEL CHANG is a New York and Paris based designer that unites high fashion with ancient Chinese craftsmanship in her ethical collections.

ANGELO LAMBROU is a talented eveningwear and bridal designer based in NYC. Born in Southern Africa he gives back to his native Botswana by employing women there at his workshop. He teaches them sewing and patternmaking skills, many of whom have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

AUGUSTE SOESASTRO is an ecological couturier who is changing the way people think about clothing through a marriage of Parisian haute couture techniques with Eastern principles of harmony and balance.

BRYAN OKNYANSKY is an innovative designer based in London that takes the fashion industry and the runway to the next level with 3D printing technology. Founder of Shoes By Bryan, he is after a trendsetting renaissance where consumers have just as much say as brands do in what gets made in the world.

EDUN is based on a belief that real style has substance. Founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005 the EDUN global fashion brand brings about positive change through its trading relationship with Africa.

EREDAPPA is a Nigerian born designer who has mastered the art of combining classic European lines with traditional African Ankara fabrics and luminescent beadwork to create a stunning collection. A true philanthropist she is much involved in her community by creating employment opportunities and helping rebuild communities for people in need.

GENNY is an Italian brand led by designer Sara Cavazza.  Genny is entirely designed and produced in Italy. It embodies the excellence of Made in Italy whilst promoting local employment. Sara’s commitment to social responsibility extends as well to environmental issues. Fabrics and materials are subject to rigorous testing and treatments, choosing only those with reduced environmental impact.

GIOVANNI LOPRESTI is a Swiss based designer who unites his theatrical flair with his passion for philanthropy. Through his fashion label that has a theatrical aesthetic he helps create employment for women in Bosnia and Cyprus by producing some of his collections there.

GUO PEI is China’s premier Haute Couture Designer who uses culture and craftsmanship when designing her creations. She was virtually unknown in the United States but when Rihanna made one of her grandest entrances to the 2015 MET Ball wearing Guo Pei’s opulent cape she came to the forefront of fashion buzz. Guo Pei was included in the MET’s Exhibition “China Through the Looking Glass”.

MARY-ANN KAI KAI launched her label Madam Wokie in 2009 to bring the traditional print power of Sierra Leone into the present day. The ethical brand produces its own cotton, placing emphasis on the traditional technique handed down by generations.

MOHAMMED ASHI is a talented fashion designer originally from Saudi Arabia who studied in France where he worked with the best couturiers. He gained experience at Givenchy and then with Elie Saab. His creations are seen on the red carpet and have gained international recognition. 

MONTAHA ALAJEEL is a Kuwaiti designer who creates a mixture of Eastern and Western taste and combines tradition and modernity into unique forms. Through her designs she is working on establishing an academy for talented girls in the fields of art and design to empower women.

PRIYO OKTAVIANO and SEBASTIAN GUNAWAN are both very creative and well known fashion designers in Indonesia. Each of them has cooperated with Cita Tenun to preserve the culture of Indonesian Tenun and support and employ women weavers.

SOPHIE ZINGA'S natural talent developed while attending Parsons School of Design in NYC. Passionate about her Senegalese heritage Sophie’s approach to design is socially conscious and features exquisite materials and fabrics namely silks, handmade Senegalese cloth and semi-precious stones.

STELLA JEAN is a fashion designer of Italian and Haitian descent, she is located in Rome and works on an Ethical Fashion Initiative project in Africa where she discovered a treasure trove of unparalleled craftsmanship. She has attracted renowned designers like Giorgio Armani who still today follow and support her work.

TANZILA RAB is a jewelry designer that empowers women in remote communities giving craftspeople a chance to become economically independent. All her pieces are ethically produced by mostly women in remote villages in accordance with the United Nations empowerment principles.

THE ART OF HERITAGE is a Saudi based group that has a clear vision to turn the world’s oldest fashions into a modern style statement that will support disabled and poor women. They are rooted to the oldest women’s charity, Al Nahda which has been supporting women’s causes for over 50 years. Their creations range from couture to ready to wear all of which are based on their unique collection of antique Saudi dresses, jewelry and accessories.

ZANG TOI is a designer from a small village in Malaysia who came to New York City and built an illustrious career with a loyal following. He is committed to making a difference and has received various awards for his philanthropic efforts.